Top Ten Ways to Disciple Your Children Like Jesus (Part 1)

2000 years ago Jesus showed us how to make disciples. Then He gave Christians “The Great Commission.” What lessons can parents learn from the practices of Jesus that will produce great blessings and memories? This article is part 1 of 2 articles.

There have been thousands of books written on parenting. According to several research organizations, these books have not helped parents very much. Not only are more than 2 million children permanently leaving the church each year, out of every two hundred young adults, only one has a biblical worldview! Jesus said that “we will know a tree by its fruit;” and the tree looks pretty sick.

Can we learn some things about parenting from Jesus Christ Himself? After all, He showed us for 3 years how to make disciples, and then commanded us to do the same. Below you will find the first five of a “top ten” list about how parents can obey the Great Commission and enjoy the great blessings of parenting.

10. Intentionally teach and train your children like Jesus did with His disciples. Consider the fact that Jesus did virtually all of the teaching.  Start early!

9.  Be careful about who and what you allow to teach your children. Realize that many forms of teachers and media will teach your children the wrong messages.

8.  Jesus was with His disciples all day long. Be with your children for quantity time; the idea “quality time” is yielding terrible results.

7.  Develop deep relationships with your children. Start when they are born and get to really know them; know them at a heart level.  Know about their dreams and aspirations. Be their best friend and confidant.

6.  Always tell your children the truth, especially about your own faults, sins and failures.  Being transparent with them will help you avoid the trap of hypocrisy.

Take a look at some interesting videos on making disciples of your children.

Alan Melton is the founder of Disciple Like Jesus ministry.  This ministry encourages parents to make disciples of their children in the same manner that Jesus made disciples.  For more information, visit his website at

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