Tips for Working at Home with Children

I often have people ask me – “How can you do all you do with your children at home?” I respond – “I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

You may ask, well, why it that such a big deal? Well, I homeschool my five children. And I have since the beginning. My oldest is almost nineteen and getting ready to take his GED and my youngest is almost seven, just starting out. AND I have also worked from home for almost 19 years.

When your children are older, it is not as difficult to work from home if you have trained them properly in the beginning. Teach them that work is important to the family and that they contribute when they help out by being helpful and obedient, AND QUIET when you are on the phone. But you often have to be a little more creative trying to combine a work at home business with little ones.

Here are some tips for working at home with little children:

  1. Work while they are sleeping! This is a very helpful way of working. Schedule your phone calls while your children nap, or work in the evening after they have gone to bed. Many times, I find I get more done when EVERYONE is asleep, including dad!
  2. Have special toys available that can only be played with during work time. Put it away at all other times.
  3. Set up a little work area for them near you. My children loved to play with envelopes, stickers, scissors and more. Maybe give them an old calendar for their “schedule”. Also, save all your unopened junk mail for them.
  4. Use limited TV and video times, video games, etc.
  5. Make sure you set the rules. Teach your children what is expected of them when you are busy on the phone with a client. And teach this to them early – it will definitely come in handy later. If you have an office in your home, teach them that when you close the door, it means you may not be disturbed – unless they are dying, of course!
  6. Include your children in your work when you can. Believe it or not, children between the ages of 5-10 can be great workers. If you have a direct sales business where you have to sort product for customers, let them help you put it in the bags. If you’re doing a mailing, teach them to put stamps on the envelopes. Believe me, the little bit of training that it would take to enable your children to work a family business along side you will be worth it in the end.
  7. Take breaks from work and spend them with your kids. Sit down and read for 15 minutes to them, maybe even watch an educational program and let the little ones climb in your lap. Those few minutes with them will rejuvenate ALL of you.
  8. Plan a special outing for the family as a reward for everyone’s hard work. And keep that date with your spouse and children!
  9. Let your children know when you will be done working. Then, they know that your time is their time.
  10. Pray. Pray for you, your spouse and your children on a daily basis. Pray that God would be gracious and bless your business. Thank Him for all He continues to do for you.

I recall to mind Psalm 68:19 – “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, the God who is our salvation.” Working at home with children – of any age – can be tough, but God continues to carry us through every day.

May God bless you as you seek to serve Him!

Kelly Ling is a work-at-home, homeschooling mother of five. She has mentored many homeschooling and work-at-home moms over the past fifteen years. Kelly also owns a home-based web design business. When not doing web design, she is constantly updating her homeschooling/work-at-home websites – Homeschool Top Sites,, and more.

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