The Parents’ Guide to Surviving Homeschool

When it comes to homeschooling, there are lots of responsibilities. The comfort of the child in being homeschooled, the performance, the decisions and the outcomes are all dependent on the parent. Starting your kid on a homeschooling session and surviving it can take a lot of patience and endurance. Every single decision you take can affect the future of your child. So it is integral that, being the parent, you are familiar with some of the basic principles of surviving homeschool.

Here are some pointers to guide you towards successful homeschooling:

  • Rather than focus on a particular area of academic study, let the child experiment, using their skills and interests in several areas of interest.
  • When you are teaching your child you should not focus on their shortcomings, but instead you should guide them through appreciation. You should focus more on their successes than their failures.
  • When you are homeschooling your child, you should not expect them to reach the goals of a public schooled child. The goals of a homeschool student are generally different and vary in each area of study.
  • You should not evaluate a child using generalised norms; you should use specific goals set for that child alone. Each child is unique and homeschooling is aimed at nurturing their uniqueness.
  • While homeschooling, consider not separating subjects in the curriculum. You can provide an integrated experience with learning that will help the students learn multiple areas of study at the same time.
  • Do not concentrate too much on bookish learning. You should have more of learning-by-doing type lessons.
  • You should not focus too heavily on ensuring that the child learns a particular subject. Instead you should ensure they develop the skills required to learn.
  • You should not restrict the opportunities of learning for your child. Incorporate indoor as well as outdoor learning activities, and allow your child to mingle with other children to share ideas.
  • Never try to formally repeat a grade as this may discourage your child. Always progress further with studies. You could try to have topics from areas of the child’s weakness but never repeat grades or subjects.
  • Always reward your children on successful tests or when they reach tough goals. This will great help them remain motivated to do more.

Apart from these there are also a few things you should do as a parent to motivate your child towards successful homeschooling.

  • Provide required resources like books, stationary and reference materials.
  • Have regular field trips.
  • Sit with your child regularly to talk to them and find out their attitude towards homeschooling.
  • Have required furnishings like study tables and chairs, computer tables, table lamps to create a good study environment.
  • Always track the progress of your child and try to reach predefined goals in the future.

Being a good parent depends on your skill in handling your children. Homeschooling may often be seen as tricky business by some parents. But following simple rules and maintaining goals can greatly help you overcome several obstacles.

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