The texas homeschool coalition is a political action committee that works for the rights of Texas families to home school. The organization has been around since 1986 and serves all homeschooling families throughout the state.

Texas Homeschool Coalition

The THSC helps homeschoolers through a variety of issues, including legal assistance, writing letters to public officials, and lobbying. They also host two state homeschool conventions, Arlington and The Woodlands.

THSC Association

The THSC Association is one of the largest home school organizations in the United States. They provide support for new home schoolers, leadership training for local home school support groups, and offer legal assistance throughout the state of Texas.

THSC also provides free registration for their annual Texas homeschool convention, student/teacher photo id cards and customizable transcripts and diplomas. Founded in Lubbock, the THSC believes that homeschooling is the best educational model for Texas families.

They promote homeschooling to families, across various media platforms and partner with local organizations that need support in staging events. They are also an umbrella organization for assisting individual families and local homeschool groups to come together for events like a Spelling Bee or a Homeschool Fair.

They are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax deductible. They also have a political action committee that works to protect and defend homeschooling rights in Texas. They are a conservative group.

THSC Political Action Committee – Texas Homeschool Coalition

The THSC Political Action Committee (PAC) works for the rights of homeschoolers in Texas. The organization’s mission is to inform and inspire families, promote homeschooling, and elect pro-homeschool advocates.

The group’s work often involves defending the right to homeschool and challenging government restrictions. But it also engages in broader lobbying that goes beyond the realm of homeschooling.

As a result, the group is a frequent target of TEC’s “dark money” rules. A court ruling this year tosses out THSC’s lawsuit that claimed the rule violates its free speech rights by requiring it to disclose information about members who donate money to the group.

The PAC has been a major player in supporting conservative candidates running for office in Texas. During the last cycle, they contributed $10,000 to Commissioner Wayne Christian.

THSC Watchmen

During every legislative session, THSC sends a team of homeschool graduates to Austin as legislative analysts and lobbyists for Texas’ homeschool families. These homeschoolers, known as the THSC Watchmen, are dedicated to defending family rights and protecting families from harmful legislation.

Throughout the years, they have defeated numerous bills that would have negatively affected homeschoolers or families. For example, in 2013, the THSC Watchmen uncovered and stopped a bill that would have allowed Child Protective Services to remove children based on convictions under foreign law.

In 2017, they caught and fixed a bill that would have allowed CPS to conduct monthly, in-home visits to innocent families based on whether they displayed risk factors.

The THSC Watchmen program is an incredible opportunity to develop skills such as critical analysis, professional writing, public speaking, networking and teamwork. It also provides a unique experience at the Texas capitol, where they meet people who will be friends for a lifetime.

THSC Resource Directory

THSC is all about winning hearts and minds. Hence, you won’t find us at conventions in the halls. Our statewide network of more than 4,000 like-minded parents is the envy of many state agencies and municipalities. For starters, THSC is not only your best bet for freebies and goodies but is also your ally when it comes to keeping Texas families happy and healthy. This is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. THSC has a no-fee homeschooling program that offers resources ranging from state-of-the-art home school classrooms to free resources and a freebies and goodies closet worthy of the likes of the politie poodle.