Teaching Your Preschooler Their ABC’s & 123’s With Personalized Books

There is not much else that brings a thrill to a parent’s heart then when their preschooler starts to recognize and participate in the world around them. When they start learning how to communicate with their outside world; learning their ABC’s and numbers a whole new world is about to open up to your preschooler. Helping them to learn these fundamental facts in a fun, unique and inventive way that makes the learning process simple, enjoyable and all about them. Personalized books that create stories around these skills are a treat to the child and the parent as well.

One of the personalized books that engages you child with a story about the alphabet is a Sesame Street ABC and Me book. This story has your child meeting Big Bird on Sesame Street on a special day for the neighborhood. The rest of the Sesame Street Gang was soon to gather to help clean up their block. To make the day more fun they decide to make a game of it and start cleaning up trash finding something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster, Zoe, Bert and Ernie join Big Bird and your child helping them get through the entire ABC’s.

When your child is ready there is also a Sesame Street personalized book for counting. Called Let’s Count. This time your child will find Elmo sitting on the steps getting ready to go for a hike. Unfortunately, Elmo is upset because he is suppose to bring 10 sandwiches but is not good at counting up to 10. So your child gets to help Elmo and they are ready for their hike. On the hike your child and the Sesame Street gang count things on the way. Apples, turtles and frogs are counted as they tromp through the fields. Next they find caterpillars, birds, fish and pine cones to count. Finally they settle down to a lunch of the sandwiches that Elmo and your child prepared.

Some of the great benefits of a personalized book are that your child becomes the star of the story. These books make great heirlooms because they are hard backed which can stand up to being used by children and can be wiped clean. There is also a dedication page which has the child’s name on it. Then the presenter of the book can have a personalized message for the child as well as who the book is from and a date can also be included. These books are perfect for preschool to elementary aged children. These 9x6” book have 24 pages which are full colored with print on one side and a brightly colored picture on the opposite page so as they listen to the story there is a picture for the child to look at.

This summer would make a perfect time to introduce the world of personalized books to your little learner. They make great gifts no matter what the celebration might be or just a fun way to spend summer time reading.

Shawn Snyder is a WAHM with 3 grown children and a loving hubby who gives her the freedom to follow her dreams. She has an online business selling personalized children’s products. And a passion about raising the next generation of adults with love, respect and some good old fashion work ethic. Visit her blog at The Odd Couple Blog.

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