Super Spelling Ideas

Try these ideas to make spelling practice FUN!

  • A spelling program at contains over 28,000 spelling words, including plurals, contractions, future and past tenses. Spelling City provides spelling practice at home or school. Parents can enter and save their own spelling lists for their children, and students can play games with their words.
  • Use letter stickers and stamps to spell the words.
  • Write the phone number of a spelling word by writing the corresponding letters and numbers on a telephone. Be careful. There is not a “Q” or “Z” on a telephone.
  • Create a pyramid with the words.

For example:





Here are some free spelling lists. Parents, please do not get too concerned over spelling. Many studies have been done for over one hundred years, and there is good evidence that direct instruction in spelling has limited long-term spelling effects. The most likely candidate for building spelling competence is reading. For more information on this research, read the reading-spelling connection.

Relax and have FUN with spelling!

Tamara Chilver is an elementary teacher, home educator, speaker, author of Homeschooling with TLC in the Elementary Grades and Tutoring Your Elementary Child with TLC, and creator of the television program Flip Your Family. Tamara’s approach gives parents teaching tools to enhance their children’s education and empowers them with confidence. For more teaching tips, visit

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