Successful Homeschooling, It Depends On You, Give It Time and Diligence

You will need to do some serious thinking and planning to make your homeschool a success. It is going to take much of your time. Be prepared to give up some recreation, hobby, or working outside the home to give your time for homeschooling. What you put into your homeschool effort is what your child will get out of it.

Besides taking a good deal of your time, homeschooling also takes a lot of thought.  Your mind has to be into it.  It takes dedication and consistency.  It takes planning.  It takes perseverance even on the worse days. It takes creativity and a tremendous amount of patience on your part.

You have to teach everything, including good study skills, habits of organization, and cleanliness.  You have to be the motivator, the rewarder, the punisher, the loving kind understanding mother, and the big fat mean boss.

You are the one that has to get the child out of bed, get him into his clothes, get him to the breakfast table, and into school on time.  You have to figure out how to get his mind on his school work and get it done.  All these things take time and diligence.  It isn’t going to happen in one day.

It will take diligence day after day the whole year. If your child fails, it’s your fault.  If he succeeds, it’s your fault. The success of your homeschool depends on you and the time and energy that you put into it.  If you get up and make it happen, it will.  If you don’t, won’t.

Lily Ann is a mother to six bright children. She has enjoyed great success in the area of homeschooling. She is always looking for ways to improve and loves to learn new things. Please visit her website.

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Lily Ann is a mother of six who has who finds great joy and success in homeschooling. She and her family enjoy cooking, sewing, singing, gardening, playing the piano and walking together. They live happy, joyful lives filled with new adventures. Lily Ann likes to learn new things and is always looking for ways to improve the things she already does, like homeschooling and parenting. She wants to raise her children to be honest, upright citizens.

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    AprilS says:

    This article is exactly why I am always impressed with all the homeschool families out there. Taking education into your own hands is not an easy decision to make and can be the most challenging thing you undertake in regards to your children (besides having them in the first place!).

    But how cool is it that you can take control of their education and ensure they are learning at a high level? Homeschooling is such an amazing adventure!
    AprilS´s last blog post ..Researching with Wikipedia

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