So Many Books – So Little Time

Reading aloud to our children is the number one recommendation for helping our young children become reading-ready as well as helping our older children develop a true love of great words. But for most of us there’s so little time in the homeschool day!  One great solution is to use audio books. Our family has listened to many classics, biographies, plays and non-fiction – both together and individually.

Here are some ideas for using audio books:

  • Listen to a book while everyone is eating lunch.
  • Take an audio book along on car trips – both short and long – but especially vacation time.
  • Establish a listen-before-bed-time routine.
  • Turn off the TV or radio and listen to a book instead.
  • Hand out paper, pencils, crayons etc. Have everyone draw while listening.
  • Assign audio books to individual students and have them listen in their room.

Not sure where to find audio books? Try these resources.

1.     Your local library (If you live in a rural area, try library interloan.)

2.     Book rental programs:


3.    Purchase used audio books:

  • Your library’s used book sale

Be sure to turn your audio book time into an easy comprehension lesson by asking your children some simple open-ended questions such as:

  • Who is your favorite character and why?
  • What exciting things are happening in your book?
  • Tell me what you like about this book (or dislike).
  • Would you like to read other books by this author? Why?
  • What makes this book ‘believe-able’ or not ‘believe-able’?
  • What was your favorite part in the book?
  • Did you feel sorry for any of the characters? Why/why not?
  • What character would you like to be like? Why?

There’s a whole new world of literature just waiting to be heard!  Don’t miss out due to lack of time to read aloud.  Let the audio book do the reading for you and watch your child’s mind and imagination blossom.

Charmaine Wistad has successfully homeschooled her own two children from pre-school through high school. Now she is turning her attention toward helping other homeschool moms. Through personal coaching, Charmaine helps homeschooling moms thrive… not just survive! Visit her website to try a complimentary no-obligation telephone coaching session.

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Charmaine Wistad has successfully homeschooled her two children from pre-school through high school. Now she is turning her attention toward helping other homeschooling moms. Through regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions, Charmaine helps homeschool moms identify and define their ideal homeschooling lifestyle, then create the plan and set the goals to achieve it. She also provides the mentoring and accountability to carry through and have true victory. Be sure to visit her website where you can find information to schedule a free no-obligation sample coaching session.

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