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Homeschooling has many rewards when parents are confident about their conviction of individualized learning.  The concept of individualized learning allows the student to work at a level that is customized to their learning levels.  There are other considerations to take into account when deciding if homeschooling is the best option for your child.  Let’s discuss a few of these considerations:

1) Diagnostic Testing: Is your child being pushed through the educational system?  Could there be some learning gaps in their educational foundation?  Are they mastering the basic skills of Math, English, Social Studies, Reading, and Life Applications?

As a Certified Administrator, I offer State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Testing to evaluate educational concepts. Successful completions of the tests indicates readiness for appropriate grade levels. Just like a doctor or therapist diagnoses a patient’s problems before offering a prescribe method of healing – your child’s academic needs must be evaluated before an accurate curriculum can be prescribed. This step is vital for your child’s success.

2)  Customized Curriculum: With the five areas of academics (Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Reading), I customize a curriculum especially designed to meet your child’s needs and degree of difficulty.  When gaps are identified,  curriculum is prescribed to strengthen the concepts.  Once the gaps are completed, your child will continue progressing through the curriculum.

3)  Extended Curriculum: Your child’s education plan should utilize therapist to continue proper treatments. Partnering with independent therapists,  I offer services virtually through proper technology.  Students utilize hands-on learning with manipulatives, complete goals or tasks, and tests.  All goal sheets and tests are compiled and sent back to me via email  for grading and record-keeping.  For the benefit of your child’s social needs, I will be offering a homeschool community through SKYPE, as well as, social networks.  Follow me on Facebook (homeschoolingdisabledkids), and Twitter (homeschooling1).

4)  Support Services: Another unique addition I offer is qualified staff available during weekday school hours for conferences as well as consultations.  With other skilled teachers available, students receive individual tutoring to assist with difficult tasks.  High school diplomas are granted several high school diplomas upon levels or grades of requirement completion.

With these concerns mention, I strongly suggest that both parents be in agreement and willing to make the personal sacrifices.  Time management, if discussed, will allow parents to establish a well-structured learning environment.  The financial arena must also be explored.  Parents must be willing to make short-term investments to receive long-term rewards.

Mindi Willett is dedicated to helping children reach their fullest potential. She believes that many children need an individualized structured workspace and curriculum. They need extra time, compassion, and encouragement to complete tasks. Mindi has taught in the classroom and home using the principles of individualized learning. Her eBook is compacted with 12 years of experience spent in an educational laboratory - the classroom or her homeschooler's academy. Visit her website at

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