Preschool Beading Activity

Young children love beads of all shapes and sizes. This beading activity is great for older toddlers and preschool aged children.

All you need is a shoelace or string like from the hood of a sweat shirt, some large wooden beads, and a small pouch to keep everything in. You can purchase the beads at most any craft store. My mom made my boys cute little drawstring pouches out of scrap fabric.

The object of the activity is to have your child string the beads onto the string. Tie a large knot at the end of the string so the beads will not slip off. You might need to wrap a small piece of scotch tape around the other end of the string to help guide the string through the bead.

Sounds too easy doesn't it? You'll be surprised at how long this will keep your child entertained. They love stringing beads! This is a great activity to take on the road (e.g., in the car, at a restaurant, etc.), and it also improves their hand and eye coordination.

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