Power homeschool is an online curriculum for K-12 students that offers a self-paced structure and tools that help prevent burnout. It also helps parents get control of their homeschool plans and records.

Power Homeschool Review

Power homeschool courses are based on engaging video lessons and interactive course materials. They cover the core subjects of math, language arts and reading, science and social studies as well as electives and health lessons.


The flexibility offered by power homeschool allows parents to create a schedule that best suits their family’s needs. This can be especially helpful for working families as many people find it difficult to balance work and homeschooling.

Power homeschool offers a wide variety of courses for students in grades PreK-12. It combines professionally filmed video lessons with cutting-edge technology that identifies obstacles to learning and adapts to help students succeed.

Each course focuses on a particular concept and is taught using engaging video lessons that bring the subject matter to life. They also have numerous instructional resources that students can use when they get stuck. These include extra help videos and even an online lesson manual that can be accessed when they have questions.

In addition, they provide automated record keeping so that you will always know what your child has completed in a given day and how much they are progressing. You can also print out a progress report that will have a detailed look at your student’s performance in each course.

The Power Homeschool system also uses context-sensitive adaptation, which means that it will automatically fill in gaps in your child’s knowledge if they are missing key points or not understanding certain topics. It can even present them with what they call swiss cheese problems that identify areas of difficulty so that it can adapt to their specific needs.

These features are designed to make it easier for your student to learn at home and stay on track with their schoolwork. They can also save your student time by not having to waste hours searching for information on their own or waiting for your assistance.

Another way that Power Homeschool makes learning easier is by allowing parents to set the start date for their school year. This is particularly helpful for families that may have taken a break during the summer and are now ready to get back into a routine again.

Choosing a starting date a few weeks in advance can give you the chance to prepare your student for their first few weeks of homeschooling and set up an effective daily schedule. It is important to have a designated lunchtime and several short breaks throughout the day to avoid burnout.

Personalized Learning – Power Homeschool

Personalized learning is based on the premise that students learn in different ways and at different paces. Personalized learning aims to meet each student’s unique needs, and ensure that they achieve the highest academic standards possible.

The most effective personalized learning programs use advanced technologies to dynamically track student progress and provide them with the resources they need. This allows teachers to identify and fill in knowledge gaps, as well as make study recommendations and give feedback based on each student’s specific needs and abilities.

At Power Homeschool, we utilize the Acellus Learning System to deliver a variety of courses that meet state and national curriculum requirements for all grades. These online courses contain video lectures, practice problems, reviews and exams. In addition, Acellus prompts extra help videos if students need additional guidance.

Acellus also provides various tools to allow parents to monitor their student’s progress and set goals for them to achieve. These features are available through the Acellus app and make it easy for parents to stay involved in their student’s education at all times.

Our Acellus Learning System also makes it easy for students to work at their own pace, as they complete lessons and coursework at the convenience of their home or office. Our learning system is designed to move students forward as they demonstrate mastery of each lesson and concept, while slowing down when they struggle.

We want every homeschool student to have a powerful and successful experience with our courses, so we’ve included plenty of additional tools to support their learning. These include a parent portal that lets parents track their students’ progress, review course materials and set goals, as well as Live Monitor, which alerts parents when they have concerns about their students’ understanding of concepts.

Our high school courses offer a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, language arts, science, history and social studies, foreign languages, fine arts, and career and technical education. We also offer a variety of electives, which allow students to explore different career paths and gain exposure to fields they may not have otherwise had the chance to pursue.

Support for Students with Special Needs

Special needs homeschooling can be challenging, but with the right support, parents can find it easy to make their student’s education a success. There are many resources available to support parents of students with learning differences, including Facebook groups, homeschooling curriculum, and educational consultants.

The first step in learning about homeschooling a child with special needs is determining your state’s laws. You can check your local homeschooling association for information, and if you have any questions, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney.

You’ll also want to assess your child’s learning needs and determine if they need an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan. You’ll be able to use the information from your evaluation to help you determine the best curriculum for your child and create an educational plan that meets their unique learning needs.

There are also many homeschooling programs that offer courses specifically designed for children with special needs. One example is Oak Meadow, a 36-weekly lesson program that includes lessons in reading, math, and writing skills to help children with sensory disorders or other conditions improve their abilities.

Another option is Power Homeschool, a flexible online resource with affordable classes that allow you to teach your child at his or her own pace. The curriculum is created by Acellus, which uses Prism Diagnostics to identify gaps in a student’s understanding and deliver Custom Personal Instruction.

For more support, there are a number of resources available for homeschooling students with special needs, including Facebook groups and online organizations. These groups are full of friendly and experienced homeschoolers who can share information, resources, and encouragement with you.

Lastly, there are numerous educational podcasts that can help you better understand your child’s learning challenges and learn from experts in the field. These include The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio and the Special Parents Confidential podcast.

You’ll also need to consider the availability of outside therapy, such as speech pathology and Occupational Therapy. It can be difficult to find qualified, affordable options in some areas of the country. However, it’s important to know your state’s laws, and if your child has a disability, you can seek out funding for services from the government, nonprofits, or private sources.


Power homeschool offers a selection of online courses for grades K-12, taught by some of the best teachers in America. These courses are designed to build students’ foundational skills, knowledge, and confidence in learning.

The elementary curriculum covers a variety of subjects, including math, language arts and reading, science, social studies, and electives such as coding and engineering. The high school curriculum is much more comprehensive with AP classes for many of the core classes, plus plenty of tech and career prep courses.

All courses use the Acellus Learning System that gives students a personalized learning experience. The system identifies and prompts extra help videos when students are having trouble understanding lessons or problems. The system also provides practice problems, reviews, and exams for each lesson to ensure mastery.

Acellus lessons are a combination of professionally filmed video lectures and cutting-edge technology that allows the program to identify gaps in a student’s foundational knowledge. This allows the system to respond with Custom Personal Instruction to help them succeed.

Another powerful feature is the Acellus Writing Tutor that helps students improve their written communication skills. This tool is integrated into all assessments and provides feedback to elevate students’ writing abilities.

There is also an Acellus Live Monitor that allows parents to track their student’s progress and set goals for them to meet. The tool even notifies the parent when it identifies that their child is struggling with a course, lesson, or problem.

As a homeschooling parent, it can be challenging to keep your children on task. You can’t always be with your children when they need you the most, and keeping track of their daily activities, homework, and other school work can become a full-time job.

However, power homeschool is a great option for parents who want to give their kids the best possible education. The program is self-paced, meaning that students can work on their coursework at their own pace and schedules while receiving a high-quality education.

The program is very affordable, allowing parents to pick up to seven courses for their student for only $25 a month. This includes tuition and no registration fees or cancellation fees.