Organizing Preschool Supplies

If you are doing preschool at home, or even if you are just doing some extra preschool activities with your child from time to time, you probably have a lot of papers and craft supplies taking up space on your countertops and closet shelves.

It was hard for me to get excited about doing preschool activities without being organized first, so I set out to go through all of our supplies and set up an organized storage system that works for me.

Flash Cards and Card Games

I store all of my boys' flash cards and card games in a small plastic storage container.  This container is kept up in a closet where only I can get it down for them.  It only took one time of me putting all the cards back in the boxes to realize they couldn't handle getting into this container on their own!

Art Supplies

Most of our art supplies are stored where my boys can get to them.  I purchased a three drawer plastic storage container that works great for art supplies.  One drawer holds their crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and glue.  The second drawer stores a variety of painting supplies.  The third drawer stores miscellaneous items, such as felt pieces for the felt board and plastic letters for the magnetic board.  This plastic container is kept near the kitchen table where my boys do their art projects. This keeps it within easy reach when they want to color, paint, or do some other art project.

Craft Supplies

I have a separate plastic storage container just for craft supplies.  Most of these supplies aren't used unless we are doing a special craft project, so the kids don't need to get in there every day.  This container stores things like google eyes, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, etc. This is also where I store the ink pads I don't want them getting into by themselves.

Worksheets, Workbooks, and Project Instructions

If you like to collect preschool craft and activity ideas like I do, you probably have a lot of piles of paper that need to be sorted and organized.  I purchased several plastic file folder storage boxes for all these papers, and they have worked great so far.  I sorted my papers into categories like Christmas, Thanksgiving, spring, animals, alphabet, etc.  I combined several categories together in one container, and then labeled each container so I would know exactly what is in it.  I also placed all of our workbooks in these containers.  It's nice to have a place to put all those miscellaneous papers I always seem to run across.  If I cut out an article from somewhere, or photocopy an idea from a book, I have a place to file it away where I can always find it again.  You can put away the containers you don't currently need and just leave out the ones you are currently using.

Preschool Manipulatives and Puzzles

Hopefully your preschooler has a lot of math manipulatives and puzzles to play with.  These items should be set out where they can just pick up when they are bored.  All of our puzzles are stored inside of benches we have around the table in our kitchen.  When our boys want to do a puzzle, they can get them out themselves.  Our math manipulatives are stored on a shelf in our entertainment center.  Again, the kids have easy access to them and often pick them up when they are bored.  We have sewing cards, patterning and sorting activities, and several number, matching, and reading games. I love to see my boys reaching for these great learning activities when they want something to do.

The preschool years are a fun time for you and your child.  Whether you are doing preschool at home or your child attends preschool, make sure you have lots of stimulating activities for your child at home that are organized and ready to use when you need them.

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  1. avatar Eleanor says:

    Great storage ideas. I especially like your idea of keeping cards under mom’s control. Reorganizing cards everyday can be soooo fun! I find that if I have separate boxes for markers, scissors, glue, etc. it makes it so much easier for the kids to clean up.