My Ten Favourite Things About Homeschooling – Part 1

  1. Being home with the kids.  When you spend extended periods of time with your kids, being a part of their lives and their educations, you start to really get to know them in a way that is not possible when they are under the care of other for seven or more hours of the day.  It is truly a comfort to know that you have little need for concern that negative influences such as bullying, other disruptive children in class, following a group schedule that may or may not suit your child, will influence your child’s education and natural enjoyment of learning.
  2. The opportunity to learn from each other.  Even if you have read everything there is to know about homeschooling, when you begin the homeschool journey with your own child it will be a learning experience for you both.  Fortunately, homeschooling is flexible, so there is nothing to stop you from just jumping right in and learning as you go.  Learning from your mistakes and moving forward will be a good experience for both you and your child and may, as an unexpected benefit, even help you grow as a team.
  3. Personal growth for you, your child, and your family as a whole.  Many successful homeschooling families are truly amazed at the change they experience as a family unit, in a positive way, and often in a quite short time frame.  And, once it becomes common place to utilize experiences as educational, you may find that you and your child have more time to have fun while also learning.  Because you have the responsibility of educating your child, you may start to find yourself creating more and more opportunities for field trips where you will both enjoy a learning experience together.  Even holiday adventures become an opportunity to learn new things, and in a fun way!
  4. Each homeschooling journey is unique.  There is no pressure to compete with other homeschooling families as your style will be unique to your family.  Each family is working towards the goal of providing their children with a top-notch education, but each family and each child is different with different dynamics, so it is not of benefit to compare.
  5. Flexible schedules.  Homeschooling does not run to a restrictive schedule.  Classes where your child requires more assistance or, alternatively, is ‘on a roll’ can run over, and other classes where your child catches on very quickly may require less time than you had allocated.   With homeschooling, you have time to laugh and play while also learning, a bonus that is difficult to achieve in a full classroom setting.

Melissa Murdoch has a passion for life span development and education, and believes wholeheartedly that a healthy society begins at home. For further information on how to get started in homeschooling, please visit

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