Math Problem–Solving Activities

There are many wonderful math problem-solving activities that can be done in the home with your child. Many of these activities require common household items or small purchases of everyday items. But, more importantly, you and your child will be able to spend “quality time” together creating memories and learning math skills at the same time.

A Favorite Room in Most Houses

Let’s go to the kitchen to take a look at one of our math problem-solving activities. Begin with the measuring spoons and discover how many teaspoons are needed to make one tablespoon. Then, use the measuring cups to see how many cups equal one pint, quart or gallon. Or, start with one quart of a liquid, such as apple juice, and see how children could equally share the juice.

A great follow-up to a measuring activity is to use a recipe to make a tasty treat. How about making some brownies in a shallow dish and dividing them evenly into halves, thirds or fourths to be shared? Another option would be using a whole pizza pie and asking which portion the child would prefer? They will have a visual and edible memory of the difference between one-fourth and one-sixth, for instance!

Some Other Spots

Math problem-solving activities can also be taken to other rooms in the home.  Let your child use a tape measure to discover the perimeter of his room, measure windows and doors or find the dimensions of his closet. Encourage him/her to create a scaled design on graph paper of the room. Then, move to the garage or other area where you don’t mind getting dirty.  There you could make soap bubbles using dish detergent, glycerin, and water. Try using a variety of items as wands to make different sized bubbles outside.

Some other ideas include setting up an area where to mold a small volcano and have it erupt for a real blast. Or, make a simple box or birdhouse after designing, measuring and cutting the necessary wood. These are just a few options to spark your own creativity as you go around the home. Most of all, have a great time.

Claudette Upshur is a homeschooling mom to TEN children! To get other homeschooling ideas visit her website at where she shares other activities to keep the learning alive within your family.

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