Lawn Games for Summer Family Fun

Summer is a great time to play lawn games outside with your family. There are many affordable games available to choose from, and most games are portable so you can take them camping or to the local park for large gatherings of family and friends. The last time I went to Walmart I found all of these lawn games for $20 or less.

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball has been very popular for the past couple of years. The game comes with two “ladders” and balls that are attached together with short nylon ropes. Each rope has a ball on each end. Each player gets three of these ropes to throw at a ladder. Points are based on which rung of the ladder the rope wraps around. This game is fun for all ages. For young children you will have to let them stand really close to the ladder so they can hit it, but even adults have a great time playing this game.

Bean Bag Toss

I just picked this bean bag toss game up the other day. It was only $19 at Walmart. It is the classic bean bag toss game. It comes with two collapsable platforms that each have a hole in them to throw bean bags through. This game is also suitable for children of all ages. Even toddlers will love this game. Our 1 year old loves running up to the platform and dropping the bean bag through the hole. This game comes with a portable carrying case. The platforms have removable legs and everything folds up and fits in the bag so you can take it with you. This game can also be played in the house. It is great for rainy days!

Horse Shoes

This is the classic game of horse shoes, also $19 at Walmart. It comes in a portable carrying case so is easy to take along with you to wherever you want to play it.

Magic Mitts / Rally Ball

This game is a little different but fun. It is only $5 and is two games in one. It comes with two mitts that have velcro on one side of them. Each player wears a mitt and you throw a ball back and forth to each other, using the velcro to catch the ball. The game also comes with two flat paddles and a rally ball to hit back and forth to each other.


When I was a child, croquet was one of my favorite lawn games. It was one of the only lawn games that my family played together, and I always looked forward to when my parents got it out for us to play. Walmart also has an inexpensive portable version of this favorite game. This game is great for children that are old enough to be able to use a mallet to hit a ball on the ground. The object of the game is to be the first to hit a ball through a series of wickets that are set into the ground.

Hopefully these lawn game ideas will inspire you to go out and do something fun with your family this summer. Kids love to spend time with their parents, and lawn games are a great way to spend time together and have some fun at the same time.

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