How To Teach Auditory Learners

Exercise your vocal cords! Auditory Learners learn best through hearing information.

Verbalizing is also very important for learning. Plan plenty of time for discussions.

Don’t be alarmed if your child reads aloud or talks to herself. Children with auditory learning styles NEED to hear themselves speak in order to learn.

Auditory learners usually…

  • Remember what is heard
  • Speak aloud while writing
  • Learn to read easily with phonics
  • Read out loud to themselves
  • Remember information set to music
  • Notice sounds
  • Enjoy being read to
  • Talk a lot
  • Are distracted by background noise
  • Distracted by graphic information during lectures
  • Gain little meaning from written information until it has been heard
  • Have poor comprehension when reading silently
  • Have difficulty following written directions

How to choose Auditory homeschool curriculum

Choose curriculum that can be read aloud, has audio cds and online/DVD lectures. Look for resources that include discussion questions and oral assignments.

HISTORY – Reading aloud and books-on-cd are ways to learn American and World history.

LANGUAGE ARTS – Auditory Learners would rather talk about the assignment than write about it. Narration, discussions and oral presentations are alternatives to written assignments.

LITERATURE – Reading aloud and books-on-cd are great ways to enjoy literature.

MATH – Use DVD/online lectures and resources that put facts to music.

PHONICS – Build phonemic awareness through phonics CD’s and reading aloud to your child.

SCIENCE – Reading aloud, information set to music, and lectures are ways for your child to learn science. Use narration, discussions, oral presentations and demonstrations for assignments.

Auditory Learning Activities

Ask yourself…

(1) How can the topic be presented verbally?
(2) How can my child ‘tell’ me what he has learned?

Teach Lessons Using…

  • Lectures on CD
  • Reading aloud to your child
  • Facts set to music
  • Live lectures (or online/ DVD)
  • Interactive computer programs
  • Talking through lessons and assignments with your child
  • Time for discussions
  • Group (or partner) activities
  • Videos
  • Reading aloud instructions to your child
  • Choral reading

Have Your Auditory Learner…

  • Participate in group (or partner) activities
  • Read along with books-on-cd/mp3
  • Read aloud to oneself (or other siblings/whole family)
  • Verbally repeat key points
  • Set facts to music
  • Use interactive computer programs
  • Talk aloud while following a recipe, reading instructions for a literature assignment, memorizing states and capitals, working though an algebra problem, etc.
  • Answer workbook/comprehension questions orally
  • Use narration instead of book reports
  • Give oral presentations instead of written essays
  • Set information to familiar tunes and sing it

Find homeschool curriculum suited for auditory learning styles and a downloadable lesson ideas worksheet at Jena Names is a homeschooling mother of three and learning styles advisor. She created Custom Homeschool Curriculum to give parents tools and advice for choosing the right homeschool curriculum.

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Jena Names is a homeschooling mother of three and learning styles advisor. She created to educate parents about learning styles and offer tools and advice for choosing the right homeschool curriculum.

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