How to Enjoy Homeschooling

Home schooling should be enjoyable. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Also, keeping learning fun is one of the best ways to ensure that your children learn well, and are happy to cooperate in the learning process.  To ensure this, you need keep a few things in mind.

  • To make home schooling more enjoyable you should be flexible with time.  Remember, one of the main advantages of homeschooling is that your child need not be bound to the normal school schedules. Why ignore this by applying strict rules and schedules?
  • Keep a simple lifestyle and make homeschooling a part of it. This way you will not have to worry too much about the timings. But make sure your child is spending the required amount of time on studying.
  • Even though you keep your timings flexible, try to follow a routine.
  • Consider the temperament of your particular child and how they adapt to new subjects and changes in topics.  Rather than rushing into a new topic, ease into it. Start with giving your child an overview of what they are about to learn.  This will also set their focus to the coming information and increase retention.  Also, spend more time on topics that the child is struggling with.
  • Keep your living areas neat. When homeschooling, there is no particular place of study. Any place in the house can be used to study. It may be the kitchen table, the couch or even the bed. Keep them clean and easily accessible at all times.
  • It is very important to have a proper mindset when it comes to homeschooling. Both you and your child should have a proper attitude towards this. Set your child up with the recognition that learning and study are important disciplines, as well as a privilege.  Learning need not be formalised, but it should be valued.
  • To make learning more fun, first cover the main topic. Then you can spend time enjoying the post sessions with games and talks about the subject. You can incorporate a lot of studies into the extra curricular activities.
  • Have all your resources organised. Make sure you can access your resources, such as pencils, papers, crayons, and paint brushes, when you need them. If you are unorganised, your child will spend time looking for something and get distracted form the main topic of study.
  • Always have enough time for extra curricular activities like arts and crafts. Children really enjoy this time and you should make sure you are nurturing their creative side.
  • Whenever you find time, try to make learning fun. You need to make sure your kids are enjoying their studies. Share in reading aloud and spend time together researching new things. If you saw an article about a spider spend more time researching more about it.
  • You need to be prepared for new schedules and new ways of homeschooling as your kid grows. The same methods you used to make learning fun for a 5 year old may not be as effective on a 12 year old. You need to spend enough time with them to make sure you and your kids are on the same page when it comes to homeschooling.
  • Finally, don’t lose track of what is being taught. You should be able to spend some time with your children making things fun while at the same time you should keep track of what must be taught next.

If you spend enough time with your kids and have good homeschooling principles learning can be fun. Both you and your child can have a great time homeschooling.

Melissa Murdoch has a passion for life span development and education, and believes wholeheartedly that a healthy society begins at home. For further information on how to get started in homeschooling, please visit

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