How to Choose Community College Courses and CLEP Exams From Homeschoolers

When my sons were 15 and 18, we decided to try to earn some college credit using CLEP exams.  We thought this would help defer college costs and also make our time at community college (dual enrollment) more productive.  Surprisingly, we discovered that sometimes community colleges accepted fewer CLEP exams than 4 year universities.  In our case, the university we were aiming for would accept a year's worth of credit by CLEP, but our local community college only accepted two CLEP exams.  That meant that we couldn't combine CLEP and dual enrollment to make a AA degree.

What we did instead was to very carefully pick and choose classes from the community college that were perfect matches for our first choice university. In other words, some math courses transferred and some didn't, and we were careful to choose only classes that would transfer into the university for their degree.

However, it also meant that my boys didn't actually start the university with an AA degree. If you don't start the university with an AA degree, then there are certain prerequisite course that you have to take. My kids are required to take 6 prerequisite classes at the university instead of the 3 prerequisite classes they would have been required if they had an AA degree. That will vary depending on the university you are considering.

If they had gotten an AA degree from community college, then there were some classes they would have had to take that I didn't want for them.  Like diversity classes with controversial content. I'm glad we didn't go that route. I had to be really careful about my 15 yo started college, so we didn't expose him to too much adult content.

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    There are some distance learning colleges which will let you combine community college credits with however many CLEP credits you like for an associate’s. It’s also possible to get an associate’s entirely with CLEP and DSST credits. The three colleges for this are Excelsior College, Charter Oak State College, and Thomas Edison State College.
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