How Not to Raise Bratty Kids

As parents I do not believe that any of us set out to raise a child that is disrespectful, spoiled or bratty. We have all seen those types of children and vow that our kids will never act like that. Then horror of horrors your child throws his first fit in public or talks back to you. And all of a sudden it dawns on you; you are on your way to having a bratty kid. Here are some helpful tips on how to not raise a bratty kid so that you can enjoy the experience of being a parent and have a child that will be a benefit to society.

Discipline. It doesn’t take long for a toddler to toddle right into trouble of some kind. It is a learning time as they are just starting in their lives and this normally leads to a child getting into situations that can lead to trouble of some kind. This is the perfect time for a parent to teach the child not to do that action again. This process is called discipline. Discipline seems to have a negative vibe associated with it but discipline is a key teaching tool that parents are not using to its full potential. It is a teaching tool to help guide a child no matter the age to learn and obey rules placed on that child. Part of the learning is to understand that there are consequences to their actions. We as parents need to allow our children to experience the consequences from their actions. This learning tool will help them to make better decisions through their lives. That helps in not raising a brat.

Responsibility. If our goal is to not raise children who act like brats then teaching them responsibility is an important step. The children of this generation seem to have the concept that they are here to be waited upon and given their every whim. Long gone are the times when Saturday morning or after school hours are used doing chores around the house and yard as well as  part time after school jobs during the teen years. A child who is taught to work gains respect for the time and hard work it takes to keep things nice and in working order. Clean dishes just don’t appear they have to be washed, the grass in the yard just doesn’t cut itself it is a lot of hard work to keep it mowed and looking nice. And with that knowledge they will respect their own things along with stranger’s property.

Time. Nothing is better fodder for creating a situation where your child can get in trouble then extra time on their hands with no goals or challenges to stretch their selves. I don’t believe that a child should have an activity scheduled every single hour; we don’t want to overload our children. What creates the problem is when kids do the famous “hang out” with their friends hours after hours, day after day pretty soon leading to boredom. When a kid is bored they can end up in trouble creating problems for themselves and others. Sports, activities and chores are a few things to help give a kid something to fill their time.

Money. It is said that today’s young people spend more today then any other group in history. My question is how? Where are these kids getting all their money, allowance and part time jobs do not make for the highest spending consumer group? The adults in their lives are blindly handing money and credit cards to them making up for not being a part of their lives, for peace and quiet, for guilty voices whispering that we owe them, for the need to make up to them that someone isn’t in their lives; whatever the motivation is the money is free flowing and on its way to creating bratty self centered kids.

And so, mom and dad, as you can see there are some things that can be done to help our kids not to be brats. But you also have to see that most of these steps start with you. The discipline, responsibility, time management and monetary values all have one thing in common, you the parent. These kids rely on you, it is your responsibility to help and guide your kids. So, the next time you see a bratty kid remember they didn’t get that way themselves, they have parents who didn’t take the time to teach them that there is a better way to gain attention.

Shawn Snyder is a WAHM with 3 grown children and a loving hubby who gives her the freedom to follow her dreams. She has an online business selling personalized children’s products. And a passion about raising the next generation of adults with love, respect and some good old fashion work ethic. Visit her blog at The Odd Couple Blog.

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