Homeschool High School – Oh No! Science Isn’t Working!

If you have decided on science for this year and it's just not working out, what should you do?

It's always hard to decide when to stick with a subject and when to stop and try something else. Jay Wile of Apologia says that since biology, chemistry, and physics are such different sciences, it's possible for a kid to like one and hate the other two. Dr. Wile said that it's our job as parents to make sure they hate all three (smile!)

Biology has a lot of memorization, but little math, and it's very hands on. Chemistry has a lot of math in it, and it's a very mathematical, logical science. Physics is even more mathematical. Unless your student has enough math, Physics could really be frustrating. Because they are so different, it is common for children to not like all three.

When you know a child can't complete a curriculum, it's a good idea to drop it. Our job is to make sure our children succeed in learning, and sometimes that can mean waiting. When you get stuck like this, look for clues in your child, to see what they want to do. I know some teens who have done some wonderfully unusual sciences: ornithology, mycology, geology. Don't avoid science, just change it so it is a better fit for your child.

If you are mid-year, have already decided on switching to another science, then look for alternatives that appeal to your child. I encourage you to ask your child what would be fun to study for science. Give your child the Apologia Catalog (, or the Home Science Tools catalog (, and have them look over the options and decide on a science. If nothing looks exciting, you can look at the Lego curriculum products or a Teaching Company course.

Teaching Company lectures are available at the library. You can often identify and science interest, and then do the actual research of the topic at the library as well. But in our home, for things like this, we ended up giving the desired subject to our kids for Christmas. For example, if he wants to do Lego science, give him a kit for Christmas. If your child wants to do astronomy, give a telescope for Christmas - that sort of thing.

Colleges like to see three years of science, and one year at least as a lab science. However, I can find nowhere in the Bible where it says "Thou shalt do Biology first, then Chemistry, then Physics." I've looked... it's not there.

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  1. Kathi Weiss says:

    Science can be difficult to teach. I find that I avoid it a lot. But when we include more hands on activities, my son loves it.


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