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I am often asked for recommendations on books or websites that can help with  high school credits?  I bought myself one high school book a year, and considered it part of my curriculum expenditures. I started with Barb Shelton High School FormULA, and it was pretty good. She leans a lot on the unschooler approach – less structured approach, I should say. Lots on how to write up your high school experience after the fact, a lot about learning naturally in high school.

She does seem to like forms, though. I always thought it was interesting that someone who was so into what appeared to be a go-with-the-flow style in curriculum would be a bit uptight about record keeping! She has tons of forms and stuff, lots of intricate stuff on how to make grades. I didn’t use that stuff. But her overall theory of “write it after you do it” was helpful. She has a very VERY personal writing style – like she’s just emailing you.

I also liked Mary Schofield’s book The High School Handbook. She had some great course descriptions that I used a LOT in writing my own. It was a little less scary than Shelton’s book, because there were fewer forms to fill out. She has quotes from a variety of homeschoolers using different techniques, but her advice is more concrete and straightforward, as if she’s a textbook homeschooler. I got a lot out of her book.

Cathy Duffy’s High School Curriculum Manual is good for choosing curriculum, and deciding what courses you should have. She doesn’t go into the construction of a portfolio, however.

And I love Cafi Cohen’s book on College Admission.

Of course, my favorite book now is the one I wrote!  “Setting the Records Straight” covers how to make both homeschool transcripts and a comprehensive record.  Check it out.

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