Get Your Homeschooling Organized

If you want to have a more enjoyable homeschooling experience, good planning and organization is essential. Even if you adopt a more eclectic style of homeschooling, being organized in your routine and materials will prevent stress and aggravation in your day.

Homeschool Planners Can Help

If you live in a state with more stringent requirements, a homeschool planner may be essential so you can easily create monthly or yearly progress reports. These are also helpful if you’re keeping transcripts. Of course, if you enroll your child in a virtual school or certain “in a box” curriculums, you can opt to have records kept for you. If you have a hard time with paperwork that may be a good option for your family.

Homeschool planners help you keep track of textbook and workbook pages covered, projects completed, unit studies you went over, field trips attended, books read, and daily attendance. It can be simple or elaborate – a 3 ring binder can suffice if you’re so inclined, or you can search online for free homschool planning worksheets. If your state requires more documentation, it might be best to go with a more elaborate system for your peace of mind.

Reduce the Clutter!

Reducing clutter is important when you’re homeschooling. Books, workbooks, art materials, DVDs, computer software, etc can quickly get out of hand and spread all over the house. If your kids are older you may want to keep their homeschooling supplies centrally located in the kitchen, study or living room, wherever you spend the most time doing school.

A cabinet in the kitchen, a filing cabinet, a shelf, a large plastic container, etc – most of us already have these in our homes. You can organize art materials, paints, paper, pencils and erasers in smaller plastic tubs or containers with lids so everything stays together. If you have multiple kids homeschooling, you may want to have a color coded system so everyone knows where their stuff is.

Reassess Regularly

It’s good also to reassess every once in awhile so homeschooling stays enjoyable and rewarding. What’s working well? What’s not working? If you have held on to curriculum that just wasn’t working for you, consider reselling it to another homeschooler and using the proceeds to purchase something else that will work better with your children.

Stay Flexible

Remember that learning can get messy! Don’t hamper your kid’s excitement for learning by expecting perfection when it comes to cleanliness. If everyone’s getting stir crazy and you need a burst of energy, head out for the day.

With just a little bit of extra effort, keeping yourself, your children, and your homeschooling organized will make the task of teaching your children much easier for you.

Kelly Ling is a work-at-home, homeschooling mother of five. She has mentored many homeschooling and work-at-home moms over the past eighteen years. Kelly also owes a home-based web design business. When not doing web design, she is constantly updating some of her homeschooling/work-at-home websites – Homeschool Top Sites,, WAHM Contests, and others.

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Kelly Ling is a work-at-home, homeschooling mother of five. She has mentored many homeschooling and work-at-home moms over the past fifteen years. Kelly owes a home-based web design business and also helps her husband run the family's mobile DJ service.

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