Five Ways to Make Your Homeschool a Success

These five factors make a big difference in any homeschool.   Some times the most important things are the simplest and they tend to be overlooked

#1 – Be Positive. I cannot stress this enough. Smile. Let the child know you are happy for every improvement no matter how small. Give suggestions in a positive tone. The child will pick up your attitude quickly. If you’re having fun your child will have fun too. Even if everything goes wrong, which it will at first, if you stay calm everything will smooth out.

#2 – Be organized. Start on time. End on time. Stay focused. If it’s school time, it’s school time. Even if you can only get in three hours a day, make those three hours count. Do those same three hours every day. Have a designated place to do school work. School stays at school. Don’t scatter it all over the house.

Have an opening routine. Look at the date. Mark the calendar. Count the day. Sing a song. Write a memory gem on the board. What ever opening routine you choose stick to it. The same with the closing routine. Put away books. Clean up area. Review successes. What ever the routine, this marks the end of school.

#3 – Be creative. Make up games activities. Younger children can be entertained by very simple means. Use resources to give you ideas.

#4 – Be simple. Don’t spoil them with a lot of expensive games, fancy pencils, flashy note books, etc. While all the flashy stuff will make school seem fun for that day, the next day it’ll all be old. Let it be a once in a while surprise to brighten up the school experience rather than the purpose of school.

#5 – Let the child’s interest be your guide. That doesn’t mean forget math because your son hates it. But if he’s just not interested, try a different teaching strategy. This is where your creativity comes in.

Take clues from the kind of questions he asks. If he wants to know why there is a arrow after 100 on the number line, take the time to explain that numbers go on forever. Tell a story about how we use numbers. If he loses interest, go on to something else.

Lily Ann is a mother to six bright children. She has enjoyed great success in the area of homeschooling. She is always looking for ways to improve and loves to learn new things. Please visit her website.

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Lily Ann is a mother of six who has who finds great joy and success in homeschooling. She and her family enjoy cooking, sewing, singing, gardening, playing the piano and walking together. They live happy, joyful lives filled with new adventures. Lily Ann likes to learn new things and is always looking for ways to improve the things she already does, like homeschooling and parenting. She wants to raise her children to be honest, upright citizens.

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