Do Homeschoolers Need to Get Their Transcripts Accredited?

Some homeschoolers ask if they have to have an “accredited” transcripts to get into college. They also wonder if the transcripts they have prepared for their homeschool high school are “official” and can be used to enroll their children in college. Homeschoolers should understand the difference between “accredited” transcripts and “official” ones.

“Accredited” transcripts are those issued by accreditation and certification programs. With the usual government oversight, these programs evaluate your homeschool records and, for a fee, certify a number of credit hours. In most cases, these certified programs require that you enroll your children with them, observe their rules and use their curriculum. They may even require additional records from homeschoolers as a requirement for accreditation. But these accreditation bodies are businesses. They charge you certain fees for every credit hour. Indeed, these accreditation and certifying bodies make tons of money!

Unless your heart is set on a college that demands an accredited transcript (and, thankfully, there are fewer and fewer each year), there really is no need for homeschoolers to have their transcripts accredited! Homeschooling parents should know that our transcripts, provided that we comply with state law requirements, are official. Hence, they can be used by our college-bound students without need for prior accreditation.

I have done this myself! My sons received scholarships from each and every college they applied. They also received four-year-full-tuition scholarships based on what I call “mommy-made” or “mommy-accredited” official transcripts. And as far as the  admissions director of the university was concerned, my children’s official transcripts were the best he had ever seen! Take note, my transcripts were not accredited by any outside group!

My message is simple. You don’t need to get your transcripts accredited. You can avoid paying the high cost of accreditation by preparing your transcripts and records at home. The costs of accreditation may not be worth the inconvenience you and your children will face.

My Total Transcript Solution will show you how to create an AMAZING “official” homeschool transcript that will impress the colleges!

But regardless of how you record your homeschool, though, just make sure to prepare your student for college. Failing to aim for college is one of “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School.” Learn how to avoid all 5 mistakes in my free e-mail mini-course.

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, is a homeschool high school expert. Both her two boys earned full-tuition scholarships at their first choice university. Learn how she did it on

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Lee Binz is a veteran homeschooling mom of two and the owner of The HomeScholar, “Helping parents homeschool high school.” She has a new free minicourse called “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School”. You can sign up for her free email homeschool newsletter, The HomeScholar Record and get your daily dose of wisdom via e-mail from her homeschool blog, The HomeScholar Helper.

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