Discover Great Sites to Find Homeschool Books Online!

Searching for homeschool books online can lead to fantastic savings for today’s busy homeschool parents.

There is no shortage of curriculum companies marketing their wares to home educating families. Even the smallest entrepreneur finds a way to market their books on the internet. Let’s look at some great sites for finding homeschool curriculum online.

Most everyone is familiar with large publishers like A beka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, etc., but did you know that there are great deals waiting to be snagged at sites like Second Harvest Curriculum, Shekinah Curriculum Cellar or Rainbow Resource? These smaller sites offer many great homeschool books online not seen on the institutional sites, and they offer unique materials at surprisingly low prices.

Second Harvest Curriculum has a name that explains itself. You will find gently used, current editions of major publisher’s textbooks. If you are finished with your books, and they are a current edition offered by the publisher, Second Harvest may buy them from you. They are not a consignment; if your books are accepted, you get cash right away! Turn those unwanted books into¬† extra spending money for new books.

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar is a family-owned company that sells a little of everything from Christian homeschool curriculum online, to unique children’s educational toys. I had the happy occasion to visit their Texas warehouse in the woods last summer, and I was delighted to find surprises around every corner. Their store is very simple, which keeps their overhead low. This allows them to keep prices low. Don’t live in Texas? Don’t worry. You can buy any of their homeschool books online from their secure web site,

Rainbow Resources carries everything under the sun! Visit and find a wide array of materials for students pre-k through high school. Be sure and click the box labeled “Bargain Books”. Books in the Bargain bin are slightly damaged, so cannot be sold as new. Their loss is your gain, and you can snag some great discounts. Choose carefully, as there are no returns. Free shipping on orders over $150.

Families who are homeschooling for high school students at a college-prep level will want to visit a tremendous web site called Liberty Fund. There you will find research library quality books on American government, free market economics and American and world history at extremely reasonable prices. Most books are available in paperback, and can be purchased for $15-$20. I think you’ll agree that this is a great option for purchasing top quality homeschool books online.

While you’re looking at the Liberty Fund site, please don’t miss the opportunity to get your copy of the Portable Library of Liberty DVD. It is FREE for the asking, but you must provide them with a “snail mail” address for shipping purposes. The Portable Library of Learning contains over 1,000 readings in ebook format, and might even be used as a personal, homeschool economics or government course text collection.

So, when busy parents are searching for excellent quality homeschool books online, check out lesser known sites for some great deals! You’ll be saving money, and you’ll be saving precious time.

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Lynn Schott is a 14-year veteran private school instructor with experience teaching United States Government and Politics as well as Free Market Economics and Personal Finance to high school students. Visit her website at Founders Academy.

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