Consistency is Vital to Successful Homeschooling

Routine is one of the most important factors in a successful homeschool. Homeschooling cannot be considered a matter of convenience.  It will not be easier than sending the child to school.  A successful homeschooling parent must be dedicated enough to be up and ready on time every day.  Every day is the key.

A daily schedule is essential. Rather than including set time limits for everything, a good schedule should focus on order of events. For example:

  • Opening exercises – song, prayer, calendar, Memory Gem, journal
  • Lessons – Math, English, Grammar, Handwriting
  • Break – snack, go outside
  • More lessons – Spelling, Phonics, Reading, Science

A start time is important. Start at the same time every day. An ending time will set a goal for school to be finished and keep it from dragging out into the rest of the day.

Now that a workable schedule or routine has been determined, the school can begin at the top of the list and go down to the end.

Persistence in the routine is so important. The same thing happens every day.  Then the child knows what is expected of him on any given day because he knows which subjects, what order, and how much of each one. If he’s a self-motivated child, he can go through his lessons on his own and go in the right direction.  If he’s a child that is not self-motivated or doesn’t especially like to do school work, there is a goal to work toward. He can have this much done before recess, and then get this much done before lunch.  He knows he can’t visit friends, play with toys, watch TV, or go anywhere or do anything else until school work is done. Best of all, he knows where the end of the list is.

Consistency in the daily routine of the homeschool will help the child perform better because he knows what to expect.

Lily Ann is a mother to six bright children. She has enjoyed great success in the area of homeschooling. She is always looking for ways to improve and loves to learn new things. Please visit her website.

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Lily Ann is a mother of six who has who finds great joy and success in homeschooling. She and her family enjoy cooking, sewing, singing, gardening, playing the piano and walking together. They live happy, joyful lives filled with new adventures. Lily Ann likes to learn new things and is always looking for ways to improve the things she already does, like homeschooling and parenting. She wants to raise her children to be honest, upright citizens.

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