Busy Parents Can Homeschool

If you think your life is too busy to homeschool, you may want to think again.  Even if you have little time to prepare and actually teach the lessons that they need, there are still ways that you can successfully homeschool your children using some great independent programs.

Traditional Independent Homeschooling Programs

There are quite a few traditional independent homeschooling programs that will allow your kids to work independently of their parents. They provide the instructions to allow children to work at their own pace.   These programs cover the same topics as they would have learned in school.

Most parents using these programs spend less time assisting their kids one-on-one than they previously spent assisting with homework!

Computerized Homeschooling Programs

There are also some really excellent computerized homeschooling programs out there that will allow interactive lessons for children to learn with very little help from parents. Many of these programs provide excellent teaching methods with interactive games and quizzes to reinforce learning and make it fun.

They also have detailed lesson plans and automatic grading to help parents who have very little time. Computerized homeschooling programs are best for older students who can:

• Work independently,
• Follow directions in order to complete assignments
• Use a computer.

Homeschooling Online

Whether your child takes a single subject that you don’t want to teach or their entire curriculum, even working parents can find a way to homeschool their children using online schools.

Most online schools are similar in schedule to traditional public or private schools, but allow children to work from home or anywhere else. Children are given assignment from a teacher and are instructed, graded and receive report cards just like children who attend schools in their local areas. Children are also usually on the same schedule as their peers in public schools.

So, if you are a busy parent who felt that homeschooling was not an option, you may want to think again. There are ways to homeschool even as a busy parent that will result in an excellent education for your child.

Sheri L. Frey is a homeschool mom of 3 and writer for Homeschool-Curriculum.org.

For more homeschooling help and information about the top programs to homeschool online, visit the site at Homeschool-Curriculum.org.

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Sheri L. Frey is a writer and editor for Homeschool-Curriculum.org. She is almost happily married to her sweetheart Tim and loves homeschooling her 3 beautiful girls. She is also currently a website business coach and writes for 2 other websites: Breastfeeding-Magazine.com and Michigan-Vacation-Destination.com.

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