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  • 7 Reasons to Homeschool Through High School Janice CampbellIs homeschooling through high school worth while? Here are seven reasons we thought it was!
  • A Basic Timeline for the College Admissions Process Camille RodriquezCollege admissions are not as daunting as they might seem if you plan ahead. There are a few basic steps that should be followed and will benefit students no matter what college they plan to attend or whether they change their minds at the last minute, as our teenagers have been known to do.
  • ABC’s and 123′s — Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Rhonda MillerThere’s a little more to kindergarten than playing and socializing in this day in time. Have your preschooler prepared by knowing what the standards are.
  • Algebra and the New World John RosascoIt is often said in recent times that we live in a new world of global competition. Many policy makers, educators and researchers, including the National Academy of Sciences believe that the lead in science and technology which the United States has maintained since World War II could be lost and not recovered in the ...
  • Are Homeschool High School Diplomas Valid? Lee BinzHSLDA reports that colleges are now required to determine the validity of high school diplomas from public and private schools.
  • Building Teen Character: Part-Time Employment Rachel PaxtonThe teenage years are a crucial time in a child’s life. They are not children anymore, but they are also not adults. During this time the choices they make may have an effect on them for the rest of their lives.
  • Building Teen Character: Volunteering for Community Service Rachel PaxtonVolunteering in the community is a great way to serve the people in the area where you live. Many non-profit organizations are run by people who give a lot of their own time and money to make your community a better place, and volunteers help these services to continue.
  • Can My Homeschooled Child Attend University? Melissa MurdochA homeschooled child can absolutely attend university or college, and some institutions even lay aside spots in their freshmen classes for homeschooled students.
  • Deciding to Homeschool – The Do’s & Don’ts Shawn SnyderIf the idea of home schooling is something that you and your family are considering there are a couple of important things to make sure to decide before you make any decisions. This decision is something that will affect your children for years and needs to be taken seriously and not on a whim or ...
  • Developing Toddler Motor Skills Rachel PaxtonIf you have a toddler, you already know that he or she is a little bundle of endless energy! There is never a dull moment! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a toddler in the house and I had forgotten how quickly they grow and how much they learn during this toddler stage. ...
  • Do Homeschoolers Need to Get Their Transcripts Accredited? Lee BinzHomeschoolers don’t need to pay the money required to get their transcripts accredited. Having an official transcript is usually enough for the colleges.
  • Electives For Homeschoolers In High School Tracey KmoskoHomeschooling during the high school years requires going beyond the core academic courses (Math, English, Science, History and Foreign Language), to providing additional learning experiences through electives. Electives can be related to whatever your child’s interests are.
  • From Homeschool Into College: Does it Work? Janice CampbellHomeschoolers have blazed trails in elementary and secondary education, and they are now earning early college credit. How is that working?
  • Fun Toddler Craft Ideas Kelly LingGetting a toddler to sit still can be a near-impossible feat. They’re constantly exploring the world around them. That’s a good thing, but sometimes they need some creative downtime. That’s where toddler crafts come in.
  • Get a Jump Start on Life! Early College Boosts Opportunity for Homeschooled Teens Janice CampbellThe most compelling benefits of earning college credit during high school include increased credibility for the homeschool transcript and a dramatic savings in the time and money needed to obtain a college degree.
  • Helping Your Teen Make Wise Decisions With His Money Shawn SnyderTeenagers don’t like a lot of input from adults about their money. They feel that it is theirs and they are free to do what they want with their hard earned money. For the most part there is some validity to their feelings that is why parents must start the education concerning money early with ...
  • High School Math Blues Jamie GaddyDoes your highschool child breeze through math or do they struggle and need help at every turn?
  • Home Schooling An Elementary Age Child Shawn SnyderParents start teaching their child the first moment that the baby makes its first cry. The baby is taught that a cry will bring mom and dad to take care of the needs it has.
  • Home Schooling and Socialization – Is it Really an Issue? Shawn SnyderI remember when our family first made the decision to home school. It had taken several months of praying about the decision and talking to other home school families getting their advice and we also talked to family members and friends.
  • Home schooling During the High School Years Shawn SnyderHome schooling during the high school years can be a fun and rewarding time for both the child and parent. This time can be used to keep, maintain and even deepen a relationship with your child during a high stress time of their lives.
  • Home Schooling the Middle School Grades Shawn SnyderFinding the resources for home schooling and socialization can easily be found in the community that you live in or online. Introducing the learning process in a more formal setting but being sure to keep the fun of learning alive for your child is an important focus.
  • Homeschool Graduate Encourages Other Grads to Rethink College Natalie WickhamExorbitant tuition costs, propaganda-driven classes, and detrimental social environments have caused many high school grads to look for alternatives to traditional higher education.
  • Homeschool High School – How Do You Get Public Schools to Accept Homeschool Credits? Lee BinzThis article explains why homeschool parents need not bother about those high schools that do not accept homeschool transcripts.
  • Homeschool Transcripts – Are Creative Course Descriptions OK? Lee BinzSo, it appears that there are some creative curriculum choices being made in public schools as well as in homeschools.
  • Homeschooling During the Primary Years Melissa MurdochHomeschooling during the primary years can be fun and very stress-free. A lot of parents get worried that their kids won’t learn everything that they need to. But with the right resources you can keep your kids on track and develop all the necessary skill sets for high school and beyond.
  • Homeschooling the Junior High Student Shawn SnyderHomeschooling the junior high student can be viewed in many different ways. It can be a time to make sure the skills taught in middle school are cemented and the skills are known well enough to make the step into higher level classes for your student without any struggles on their part. Or if your ...
  • Homeschooling Your Child with A Learning Disability Melissa MurdochMaking the decision to home school your child is not the easiest decision at the best of times, but what about when the weight of your decision is compounded by the fact that your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability?
  • How to Homeschool in High School Marianne VanderkolkHomeschooling in high school can often be the most rewarding time. As a parent, you can encourage interests to develop and blossom and take part in inspiring, exciting and opening up opportunities to your homeschool teen.
  • Is Homeschool Accreditation Worth the Trouble? Lee BinzA homeschool mom in Georgia asked me whether she needed to have an “accreditation counselor” or whether she could do it all herself. The answer depends a lot on individual state law.
  • Keeping the Doors Open Kelly BagdanovWhen you begin to homeschool you face the inevitable questions and confrontations from people who basically think you are nuts. When you choose to continue to homeschool through high school, believe me the confrontations become much more heated.
  • Marvelous Messy Fun that Preschoolers Love Rachel VinceShare fun and giggles with your children. These engaging ideas will captivate and stimulate your child’s senses and ignite your child’s thirst for learning.
  • Math Mistakes: The Road to True Learning Larry ShillerHave you noticed how nearly every math textbook presents math concepts with perfect elegance? The textbook plan is just to follow the path and you will know the math.
  • Organizing Preschool Supplies Rachel PaxtonIf you are doing preschool at home, or even if you are just doing some extra preschool activities with your child from time to time, you probably have a lot of papers and craft supplies taking up space on your countertops and closet shelves.
  • Paper Plate Turtle Craft Rachel PaxtonYour preschool-aged child will enjoy making this easy turtle craft.
  • Preparing for College Randi St.Denis“You can’t prepare for the SAT.” Educational Testing Service, the company that writes the SAT, has worked hard to convince people that they cannot improve their scores by studying for the test.
  • Preschool Activity: Cutting Shapes and Lines Rachel PaxtonHelp your preschooler master the skill of using scissors by having him or her practice cutting out shapes and lines.
  • Preschool Activity: Lacing Cards Rachel PaxtonPreschoolers love lacing cards. Learn how to make lacing cards your child will use over and over again.
  • Preschool Beading Activity Rachel PaxtonYoung children love beads of all shapes and sizes. This beading activity is great for older toddlers and preschool aged children.
  • Preschool Recipes for Fun Rachel PaxtonAll preschoolers love arts and crafts activities. With a little preparation, you can save money and have fun by making your own paste, playdough, and finger paints for all your preschooler’s craft projects. Let your child help you measure and stir for a fun learning activity!
  • Preschool Windsock Activity Rachel PaxtonWindsocks are a fun seasonal craft you and your preschooler can make together.
  • Preschool Winter Craft: Pinecone Bird Feeder Rachel PaxtonCold weather often keeps preschoolers inside, looking to you to find them something fun to do. This winter you and your preschool-aged child can feed the winter birds by making pinecone bird feeders.
  • Raising a Self-Sufficient Teen Rachel PaxtonTeens don’t learn responsibility overnight. If you haven’t been working with your teen on gradually giving them a sense of independence and ownership of their lives, then you’re going to have your work cut out for you. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Ready, Set… Grow Mindi WillettHomeschooling has many rewards when parents are confident about their conviction of individualized learning. The concept of individualized learning allows the student to work at a level that is customized to their learning levels. There are other considerations to take into account when deciding if homeschooling is the best option for your child.
  • Role Models for Your Teen Rachel PaxtonBy the time your children reach their teens, there is only a limited amount of time left to influence them and get them started in life in the right direction.
  • Sight Words and Phonics – The Dynamic Duo Kelly BossardSight words and phonics compliment one another when learning to read. Mastering both skills is critical when learning to read.
  • Speech Helps Randi St.DenisTell me, does Uncle Remus need speech therapy or does he just need to study his spelling words! Maybe your child speaks and writes just like Uncle Remus, and you’re not sure if he will become a famous writer with a unique linguistic perspective, or that this (dis)ability is really his educational stumbling block! ...
  • Starting a Teen Book Study Group Rachel PaxtonIf you’re looking for a way to connect with your teenage daughter this summer, consider starting a girl’s book study group with your daughter and her friends.
  • Stigma-Free Homeschool Graduation Lee BinzOnce upon a time, colleges often required a GED from homeschoolers before providing financial aid. No longer. Learn about it in this post from The HomeScholar.
  • Strategies for Educating Children with ADD/ADHD Crystal PrattChildren with ADD/ADHD (hereafter referred to as ADHD) are creative, energetic, imaginative, and resourceful people. They have a wonderful spirit and you wouldn’t trade your child’s personality for the world.
  • Teaching Your Preschooler Their ABC’s & 123’s With Personalized Books Shawn SnyderThere is not much else that brings a thrill to a parent’s heart then when their preschooler starts to recognize and participate in the world around them.
  • The Benefits of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language Mandy McCollumBenefits of using sign language with your baby throughout life.
  • The Best Way to Improve Fine Motor Skills (And It’s Fun, Too)! Tamara ChilverIf your child needs help with handwriting, STOP having him practice writing letters sheet after sheet. Let’s go back to the underlying cause, which is more than likely weakened muscles in your child’s hand and arm. Counteract this weakness with strengthening of your child’s hand and arm muscles.
  • Tips for Motivating and Teaching Teenagers Carren JoyeIf you are having difficulty with your high schooler, or if you are considering homeschooling your high schooler for the first time, here are some helpful tips.
  • Tips for New Parents: Help Your Child to Develop Reading Readiness Michael LevyIt has been said that parents are the first educators. And, whether parents elect to traditionally educate their children or dedicate a significant portion of their own time, effort, and resources to homeschool their children, the fact remains that parents can, should, and do begin educating their children long before any sort of formal education ...
  • When Reading Doesn’t Happen on Schedule! Heather LaurieThe end of my first year of homeschooling was a wonderful and frustrating experience. My dear daughter had learned wonderfully growing in manners, physical abilities, and math. However she did not grow in reading. I was stumped. Why?
  • Why Homeschool through High School Annette YenMost parents agree: teaching your children at home during the preschool, elementary and middle school years is quite a challenge. Homeschooling high school aged children, however, can seem even more daunting.
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