A Tribute to Homeschooling Moms

It’s May – the month that we honor mothers.  As I coach homeschooling moms all over the world, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a breed apart.  For Mother’s Day, I wanted to write an article honoring the homeschooling mom; but how do I do that without sounding trite or using all the common clichés? As I pondered this, what came to mind is the following.  Here is why I respect and honor you, the homeschool mom, so very much:

  • You slug it out, year by year, in spite of the fact that there are many days you want to give up.
  • You live with big messes in your home (which drives some of you nuts!) because kids and books and papers and pencils just don’t want to fall neatly into place by themselves.  But you put up with it because it’s worth it to have the children learning at home.
  • You spend countless hours in research and study, asking questions and going to conferences to find the best curriculum for your darlings.
  • You give up the peace and quiet that could be yours if you sent the kiddos off on the bus every morning.
  • You agonize over your choices; sometimes you know you must choose to send one or all back to school, at least for the time being.  But homeschooling is still your heart.
  • You give of yourself to your homeschooling community and help new homeschoolers get started.
  • You cook, clean, do laundry, answer the phone, care for your husband, walk the dog, make a meal for a neighbor, drive the kids everywhere, nurse the sick, practice hospitality, watch other people’s kids, change diapers – all while wearing the hat of primary teacher as well.
  • You struggle with uncertainty, high expectations, exhaustion, fear and self doubt yet you press on toward the goal and the high calling.
  • You lose your temper, yet you apologize. You get discouraged, yet you go on.  You are disorganized, yet you make constant attempts at organization.  You threaten to send them all to school, yet you love them too much to really do it.
  • You do so much more than the ‘average mom’ yet you don’t even realize it because it’s all part of your lifestyle and normal routine.
  • You love your children more than you love yourself; that’s why you do all the things you do for them – day in and day out.
  • You do all this (and much more) in spite of the fact that the world tells you you’re crazy and that what you really need to do is serve yourself.

And as I talk with many of you in our coaching sessions, you inspire me.  You inspire me to press on and to quit complaining.  You inspire me to be grateful for the wonderful blessings that God has given me in these children and in this choice to homeschool them.  As you struggle to meet the challenges of your homeschool lifestyle, you encourage me to face – head on – my own challenges.  You are my heroes – every single one of you – and in this month that we honor mothers, I truly honor, respect and love all of you.

Charmaine Wistad has successfully homeschooled her own two children from pre-school through high school. Now she is turning her attention toward helping other homeschool moms. Through personal coaching, Charmaine helps homeschooling moms thrive… not just survive! Visit her website to try a complimentary no-obligation telephone coaching session.

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Charmaine Wistad has successfully homeschooled her two children from pre-school through high school. Now she is turning her attention toward helping other homeschooling moms. Through regularly scheduled telephone coaching sessions, Charmaine helps homeschool moms identify and define their ideal homeschooling lifestyle, then create the plan and set the goals to achieve it. She also provides the mentoring and accountability to carry through and have true victory. Be sure to visit her website where you can find information to schedule a free no-obligation sample coaching session.

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