5 W Questions for the Story of “The Birth of John the Baptist” from Luke One

I’ve always been intrigued by the story of John the Baptist, especially the part where Zechariah was not able to speak.  Elizabeth must have had 9 months of lovely peace!  (Sorry, gentlemen.)  Your kids will enjoy this story as well.  Be sure to point out to your children that it was extremely uncommon in Bible days for the first son not to named after his father.  Elizabeth was being obedient to God’s wishes to name her son John.  Also be sure that you point out that Zechariah gave God praise when he could talk again.  He didn’t complain that God had shut his mouth.  He was incredibly grateful for God’s wonderful blessing of a first-born child.

Here are fourteen 5 “W” questions – who, what, when, where, why and how -  with their answers for the story of “The Birth of John the Baptist” found in Luke 1: 57-80.  These questions can be used with both young children and elementary children.  Just be ready to tweak them a little bit for the appropriate age.  You can also read a verse first, and then ask the question or you can read the whole passage of Scripture and then ask the questions. Your younger children might enjoy having some kind of puppet ask the questions.  Have fun!

Questions for the story “The Birth of John the Baptist”

1.   What kind of baby did Elizabeth have – a boy or a girl?

Answer: A boy.  (Luke 1:57)

2.   Who was happy for Elizabeth and Zechariah?

Answer:  Their neighbors and relatives.  (Luke 1:58)

3.   What had the Lord shown to Elizabeth?

Answer:  Great mercy.  (Luke 1:58)

4.   What name did some people think Elizabeth’s and Zechariah’s son would be named?

Answer: Zechariah  (Luke 1:59)

5.   Why did Elizabeth say that her son’s name was going to be John?

Answer:  Because God told them to name their son John.  (Luke 1:13)

6.   When could Zechariah finally speak again?

Answer: After he wrote and told the people that his son’s name would be John.  (Luke 1:64)

7.   Who did Zechariah praise after he could speak?

Answer: God.  (Luke 1:64)

8.   How did the neighbors feel when they saw Zechariah get his voice back and praising God?

Answer: They were in awe.  They were amazed.  (Luke 1:65)

9.   What kind of question did the people ask?

Answer: What is Elizabeth’s and Zechariah’s child going to be?  (Luke 1:66)

10.           Who did Zechariah sing a song to?

Answer:  To God.  (Luke 1:68)

11.           When was Zechariah filled with the Holy Spirit?

Answer:  When he sang a song to God.  (Luke 1:67)

12.           In Luke 1:76, what will Zechariah’s son, John, be called?

Answer:  A prophet of the Most High.  (Luke 1:76)

13.           How did John grow up?

Answer:  He grew strong in spirit.  (Luke 1:80)

14.           Where did John the Baptist live?

Answer:  In the desert.  (Luke 1:79)

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